Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how ADMAN, GRXchange processes(collects, uses, and discloses) information, and your choices for managing your information preferences. The document describes our digital advertising technology(“ADMAN” and "GRXchange") which enables customers to sell and buy digital advertising. ADMAN and GRXchange are developed by Phaistos Networks, S.A.(“we”, “our”).

We want to be transparent about our advertising business, by describing how the technology works using simple terminology so that everyone can understand our practices.


  • Ad Server: An ad server, in its simplest form, is the software responsible for the delivery and tracking of advertisements displayed in web pages or in applications(“apps”). Website operators and applications controllers (“publishers”) use ad serving technology to display advertisements.

  • Cookie: A cookie is a tiny file that is stored in a web browser by a website or an ad server. This makes it possible for websites and ad servers to remember preferences and recognize repeat visits. ADMAN and GRXchange cookies do not contain names, phone numbers, addresses, or any other information that can be used by us, or anyone else, to directly identify an individual.
  • Personal Data: Any information related to an individual that can be used to identify the person, directly or indirectly. Please refer to our GDPR page for the various classifications of personal data, and for how ADMAN and GRXchange treats such information:
  • Beacon: Elements embedded in web pages that enable companies to collect data, measure ads effectiveness and prevent fraudulent activity. They are usually implemented as a very small transparent image embedded in a web page which communicates with the ad server when loaded.


ADMAN and GRXchange may use cookies to collect behavior information specifically and exclusively for advertisements for selection reasons. Specifically, it may use cookies to identify repeat viewers of ads(unique web browsers) and in order to count how many distinct viewers have seen ads or to count how many times an ad has been seen.

The cookies do not identify the viewer, before, during, or after the visit to a page or use of an app that utilizes ADMAN and GRXchange technology to display advertisements. Cookies enable our customers to target ads to users and to evaluate the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

Publishers may embed beacons in their pages and they in turn, may set cookies as described earlier.

An ADMAN or GRXchange cookie is also used to store users’ opt-out choices.

Other Data

ADMAN and GRXchange does not process or store any personal information, other than online identifiers stored in cookies. It may use the IP address of a viewer of an advertisement to determine her country, but the IP address is never stored anywhere. No other personal information, as defined by the GDPR, is processed. Pseudonymous online identifiers that we store, which identify unique web browsers, are anonymized or aggregated in their entirety within a week since they have been stored.

Our partners also use additional identifiers to collect information. The collection, storage and responsibility of those data, is exclusively controlled by the respective partner.

You can find our current partners listed below:

Uses of Personal Data

ADMAN and GRXchange may use data it processes to limit the number of times a user sees a particular ad, to customize or personalize ads based on the context of the page or location(country) of the user, to determine the effectiveness of the ads, and for identifying fraudulent activity.

We do not share data we process or collect with other companies(“third-parties”).

Opting Out

You can click below at any time to opt-out of ads selection and profiling based on cookies from ADMAN and GRXchange. When you opt-out, a special opt-out cookie will be stored in your web browser, and ADMAN and GRXchange will remember the choice you have made unless you erase your cookies or use a different web browser in which case you may need to repeat the opt-out. The opt-out applies only to the current browser and the browser profile in which you set it. This is because cookies cannot be shared between different browsers or browser profiles.

If you opted-out, ADMAN and GRXchange will not be able to offer personalised advertisements that may be more relevant to you in the future.

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Changes to our Privacy Policy

We may change this privacy statement at any time. However, we do not expect to change our core policy regarding the types of personal information we may process in the future.


If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us at