ADMAN platform is an advanced managing, delivering and monitoring targeted advertising campaigns web-service, designed and developed by Phaistos Networks.

It offers advanced features and potentials with basic elements like directness, flexibility, easiness and the technology involved. Effective and efficient management through targeting based on multiple criteria, in conjunction with the complete data control, ensures maximum outcome.

ADMAN Platform combines Phaistos Networks know-how, expertise and flexibility in developing high-tech applications and services.

What's new in Adman 5

  • Easy banner setup
    Easy banner setup NEW

    Just drag n' drop files! and ADMAN will instantly and setup appropriate settings (format, title, code) Video.

  • Real-time filtering
    Real-time filtering

    Search through your ADMAN items using a single form, also accessible through a special keyboard shortcut (Alt-F).

  • Instant help tips
    Instant help tips

    Get help on the most advanced ADMAN features by inline tooltips, always accessible within a mouse hover.

  • Duplicate unique viewers
    Duplicate Unique Analysis NEW

    Generate duplicate unique analysis report for overlapping unique viewers among different publisher sites.

  • Metrics
    Metrics NEW

    Providing rich media metrics with default timers or custom one's depending on the creative.

  • Banner Templates
    Banner Templates

    Define your own banner code templates to further streamline your banner management and make editing much easier.

  • Meta-actions
    Meta-actions NEW

    Evaluate campaign's revenue by tracking user's post-click activities on the Advertiser's website.

  • Forecasting (Inventory Management)
    Forecasting (Inventory Management) NEW

    Get suggestions concerning your inventory management with the new Forecasting feature, which can be accessed under Reports.

  • Delivery Analysis
    Delivery Analysis NEW

    Efficient campaign management with over/under delivery analysis report.


  • Streamlined new interface
  • Global logging & reports
  • Improved reporting
  • More redirecting options
  • Direct campaign / site reports
  • "Smart" ad serving to avoid content display delays
  • Unique interactions tracking
  • XML reports NEW
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Activity log per campaign
  • Automatic banner files management
  • Advanced stock managagment
  • Automatic campaign activation mail to advertisers
  • Real-time syntax checking & full-screen edit of banner conditions
  • Condition for Synchronized banners NEW
  • Smart banner code formatting
  • Improved geo-targeting
  • Brand new object-oriented ad modules
  • Smart de-caching for 3rd party ad servers
  • One-click campaign fulfillment mail with attached reports
  • Site Reports for multiple campaigns NEW
  • Graphs presentation in campaign reports NEW
  • VAST 2.0 Video Ads supported NEW

Technical Targeting

Offers effective targeting using multiple filters. The choice of targeting can be made based on combining the visitor's behavioural criteria: demographics, geographical, technological and content.

Supporting all advertising forms and media

Has the ability to use all types of web creative as well as complex forms of Rich and Enriched Creatives (Flash, Webovers, FullView, Mini Sites, Popup, PopUnder, Floating banners, Prestitials etc).

Reports in absolute Real Time

Enables web monitoring in real time through independent accounts with a plentitude of statistics for each campaign. These statistics concern all modules separately, creatives, effectiveness of creatives, the visitors' technological features and the country of origin. Statistics for each report involve the following: Targeted & Non Targeted Impressions, Unique Viewers, Clicks, Unique Clicks, Click Through Rate, Exposure, Response.

Easy and Direct adjustment of the advertising campaign

Enables the direct reconfiguration of advertising places, creatives as well as targeting criteria in case of non efficient outcome. Changes are immediately activated without any delays.