ADMAN goes Async

Published: Dec 08, 2014

Waiting for a page to load is not an experience anyone enjoys. The loading process can take even more time when a number of ads are embedded in the page.

Ads are served synchronously, meaning that for an ad to be displayed a number of “blocking” requests will have to be “fulfilled”. This takes time, especially if those requests are re-routed to 3rd-party ad servers.

Enter ADMAN.Async, a brand new feature that will make ad loading an asynchronous process and as a result, the browsing experience much smoother and more pleasant since the browser will no longer wait for the ad-server(s) involved in ad-serving to “do their part”.

This feature is currently in beta and will be deployed globally in the coming weeks.

For inquiries or any further information on ADMAN.Async, our team will be happy to assist you.